About our company

"New shoes, new shoes, Red and pink and blue shoes, Tell me, what would you choose, If they'd let us buy?" A poem by Frida Wolfe. A poem which has lingered in my mind for five decades, I wonder why? She went on "Buckle shoes, bow shoes" and "Strappy, cappy low shoes; Let's have some to try."

Every woman's rightful wish, however it need not be "Perhaps-a-little-tight shoes," for now you may wear comfortable shoes, shoes that actually fit, footwear which could look stunning with a little imagination and Belts for Boots!

We offer an unique range of classical, fashion accessories in the form of belts, buckles, scarves and jewellery which may be worn with an assortment of Boots, Shoes and other footwear in order to change the character of the footwear according to style and fashion.

Now, for the very first time, each individual woman has the choice to wear exquisite boots at affordable prices, even if she only has one singular pair. Belts for Boots empowers you to change footwear according to your very own personal style or need.

Having been in the fashion industry, first as a model, later, after years of judication and being a trainer, Erna has had the opportunity to absorb fashion to the extend that it has become an integral part of her being. Designing and sewing have always been a productive pleasure and it is only natural that her love for fashion and her ability to patent new ideas have found its course jointly into a more flexible, creative way of footwear.

No more hours spending to find the right footwear, no more limitation on design.

Our philosophy is to offer an extensive range of footwear accessories, combining leading edge fashion with exceptional value for money. Through our own label we will ensure exciting new accessories with focus on style and quality.